Wastewater Vacuum Sampler

The New Way of Wastewater Sampling

The WAVE™ was built to last. Its durable, all-weather construction, paired with our proprietary vacuum technology, makes it longer-lasting and highly accurate. The WAVE™ is easy to operate, equipped with configurable sampling, and offers a level of accuracy that is unmatched in the wastewater industry.
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Why Catch The

  • Accurate Sample Sizes

    Typical peristaltic samplers are notorious for being out of calibration when the silicon pump tubing loses its original shape. The WAVE™ uses patented vacuum technology that delivers precise samples every time.
  • Low Maintenance

    No more rollers, or pesky tube replacements. The WAVE™ requires little-to-no maintenance, so you can focus on your application instead of worrying about routine upkeep.
  • Built to Last

    Constructed with an all-weather, acrylic/ABS body and a heavy-duty piston vacuum/pressure pump, The WAVE™ is built to resist corrosion and withstand the harshest of indoor and outdoor environments without compromising performance.
  • Impressive Head Lift & Intake Lines

    With intake lines up to 200 feet long and a head lift of up to 29 feet, The WAVE™ exceeds EPA transport velocity standards while remaining accurate.
  • Eliminates Risk of Cross Contamination

    With a powerful purge capability and a refrigerated chamber - the minimized risk of cross-contamination is second to none. View purge video.
  • Protected by WaveGuard Warranty

    To provide extra peace of mind and confidence — every unit purchased is backed by our 2-year WaveGuard Warranty Program. The program covers all parts and is valid for two years from the time of shipment.
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How We Stack Up Against Peristaltic Competitors

Our Technology

The WAVE™ uses a proprietary, patented design that makes it the best wastewater sampler on the market.

Built with a rotating arm and a programmable sample size - The WAVE™ sustains the integrity and accuracy of the sample due to the stronger purge and velocity, resulting in lower maintenance and precise volume every time.

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A Closer Look at The WAVE™

Proudly Manufactured & Assembled in the U.S.A

From parts to product construction, everything is manufactured in the United States, ensuring quality and reliability from start to finish.
With sales representatives in all 50 states, there is always someone available to help.
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We’re All About the Details

  • Programmable Sample Size (20-500 mL, 1 mL increments)
  • 7″ Color Touchscreen
  • Full Bottle Shut-Off
  • High-Impact, Acrylic/ABS Enclosure
  • Heavy-Duty, Piston Vacuum/Pressure Pump
  • Line Velocity >3.75 FPS @ 20′
  • Modular Refrigeration w/ 1/3 HP Compressor
  • Time / Flow
  • Random Time Sampling
  • Constant Sampling Interval (1 – 9999 min.)
  • Start / Stop Programming
  • Delay Start (1 – 9999 min.)
  • Scheduled Programming
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Pre-Sample / Post-Sample Purge (0 – 140 sec.)
  • Inputs – Pulses / 4-20mA • Alarm Output Option
  • Data Logging
  • Passcode Protection on Programming
  • Composite Sampling Containers 2.5 gal. & 5 gal.
  • Sequential Sampling (24)-1 L, (4)-2.5 Gal. & (2)-2.5 gal.
  • 115 Operation
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Specs & Dimensions

  • Size (H x W x D)

    51.5" x 28.25" x 27"
  • Weight (Dry)

    220 lbs. Approximate
  • Refrigeration Body

    Fully Insulated Cabinet
  • Intake Tubing (ID x OD)

    PVC - 3/8" x 5/8"
  • Length

    3 - 200'
  • Containers

    2.5 gal., 5.0 gal
  • Operational Temperatures

    -20°F to 125°F
  • Power Required

    115 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Maximum Lift

    Vertical lift 29',
    Horizontal 200'
  • Sample Transport Velocity

    Greater Than 3.75 FPS @ 20' with 3/8" Tubing
  • Repeatability

    +/- 1% Accuracy: +/- 3%
  • Programmable Functions

    Pre/Post-purge, Sample Size, Auto Shut-Off, Delay Start, Flow Inputs, Sampling Interval, Weekly Programming
  • Sampling Modes

    Constant Time/Constant Volume; Random Time/ Constant Volume; Flow/Constant Volume
  • Controller

    Microprocessor Control
  • Controller Protection

    Nema 4X, IP65
  • Warranty

    Two Years From Shipment

Request The WAVE™ OEM Manual

Request The WAVE™ OEM Manual

Parts & Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our product is built with trust and reliability in mind. We manufacture it in Pensacola, Florida so you can be confident that it meets the highest standards of quality and durability.

  • Simply fill out the contact form here and you will be contacted by our team of experts. We make the purchase process easy and seamless.

  • Yes. The proprietary technology in The WAVE™ is patented and developed by Emerald Coast Manufacturing.  US PATENT#: 11,598,696 and #11,768,132

  • The WAVE™ Vacuum sampler uses a vacuum/pressure pump to provide the vacuum and pressure that moves the liquid. A chamber is used to hold and measure the liquid sample before depositing it into a container. The pressure pump forces air into the chamber, purging it and the intake hose of liquid, then draws liquid into the chamber until sample is complete. Then, the excess sample is purged out of the intake hose. Then the sample is deposited into the container.

    1. Programmable Sample Size in 1mL increments
    2. Accuracy +/- 3%
    3. Repeatability Less Than 1%
    4. Line Velocity, > 3.75 FPS at 20 Feet
    5. Velocity Stays Consistent
    6. Can Take a 20 – 500 ML Sample Accurately
    7. Pre & Post Purge, Programmable
    8. Stronger Purges – High CFM
    9. No Pump Tube Replacement
    10. Horizontal Run Max 200 Feet
    11. Vertical Lift 29 Feet
  • Vacuum samplers do not have tubing wear. When the tubing is worn on the peristaltic sampler by 10%, it affects the sample size and velocities by 10%. Therefore, the sample sizes must be calibrated often, but the line velocity loss will remain. The line velocities could fall below the EPA recommendations. That loss of sample size and velocity is not seen in vacuum samplers.

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