Patented Wastewater Vacuum Technology

Designed with accuracy and efficiency, The WAVE™ makes collecting wastewater samples easier than ever before.

Backed by Research and Science

Innovated by product developers and wastewater engineers with over 30+ years of experience in the wastewater industry.

Our proprietary technology uses a moveable arm and specialized sample chamber to produce accurate sample sizes every time.

Highly Accurate in 4 Simple Steps

Pre-Purge Cycle
Draw Sample
Drain & Collect
Step #1

The Pre-Purge Cycle

Pressure is applied to the chamber and intake line to make sure the line is clear from any residual liquid that may have entered into the intake line or strainer after the last sample.

Step #2

Draw Sample

When the solenoid valve energizes, a vacuum is placed on the chamber and intake line to pull in liquid. When the liquid fills the chamber and triggers the non-contact liquid sensing device - it will know the chamber has received the proper amount of liquid to get an accurate sample size.

Step #3


When water reaches the proper level in the sample chamber, a solenoid valve will de-energize, allowing the pressure to force the additional liquid out of the chamber and purge the intake line and strainer.

Step #4

Drain & Collect

Once the intake line is purged, it will open the Pinch Valve and drains the liquid down to where the sample is being collected.

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Real-time, Accurate Results, at Your Fingertips

A 7” color touchscreen interface makes it easy to customize the entire sampling process to meet your needs. It provides custom control for:
    Sample Volume Size
  • Flow Intervals
  • Sample History
  • Program Times
  • Sample Temperature
  • Manual Operation

Meet The WAVE™

True to it’s name, this machine is making waves in the wastewater industry.

Utilizing state-of-the-art vacuum technology, The WAVE™ is built to last and designed to deliver unbeatable sampling accuracy in the wastewater industry. Its capabilities are fully configurable, giving you unparalleled precision that can stand up to any weather or environment.

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